Beta #1

Today I am on CD 29, exactly two weeks past my IUI. My beta hCG was 347! YAY!!! I go back on Wednesday to check for doubling.


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    That's a great number! Congratulations!

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    Today's date was 924! Doubling time is 32-34 hours. DOUBLE YAY!!!

    Thanks MistyandCarla, I was beginning to think no one cared!
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    By the way, I meant today's beta was 924, not date! Pregnancy brain already?? LOL!
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    That's funny! I've come to find out that pregnancy brain really does exist! :) Just wait, it gets worse!

    Your numbers look great! How are you feeling?
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    I've been extremely tired, but I chalk that up to a combination of being newly pregnant and having an active 19 month old. Believe it or not I have already been having some indigestion and nausea. The last few mornings I have gagged on my vitamins, though this morning wasn't as bad as yesterday. My morning sickness with my daughter started around 6 weeks, peaked around 8-12 weeks, and didn't completely go away until 20 weeks! As much as I'm hoping not to get so sick this time, I know that if I'm not sick I'll worry, because I'm like that.

    My first ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday, 5/13, just to make sure the pregnancy is in the uterus and to confirm that it's a singleton (I wasn't on meds, so it more than likely is). I will only be 5 weeks 3 days, so it is extremely unlikely to see a fetal pole or heart beat. Then I'll have an ultrasound three weeks after that to see the heart beat, and then I'll be released to my regular OB!
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    Wow! Those are great numbers! Congrats!!!
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