Black/African American Donor vials for sale - Donor#16094

Hello All -

I have (5) vials for this donor that I am willing to sell. I am able to provide you with the donor’s Level 2 documents that I purchased (childhood photos, personal essay, facial feature report, expanded genetic testing etc.) I have 5 premium IUI vials available at the California Cryobank, Los Angeles Facility. There are confirmed successful pregnancies using this donor.

We would follow CCB’s Non-Family Transfer of Ownership process (this involves notarized signatures on both ends). CCB’s transfer price is $345.

Preferably these would go to someone who wants all 5 vials to avoid paying multiple transfer fees, however I’m open to whoever is interested.


Handsome and polite, with a genuine smile, Donor 16094 is one of our staff favorites. This creative soul started making music when he was just 6 years old. He played multiple instruments and now creates hip hop, folk, country, and jazz music. He spent his childhood in Trinidad where he enjoyed drawing, writing, and watching Power Rangers. Losing his mom at a young age made him realize it’s important to appreciate what you have. Compassionate and close with his grandma, his challenges made him stronger. He put himself through college and studied forensic psychology with the desire to work with juveniles one day. In addition to the arts, he also enjoys playing soccer and long distance running.

Donor Type ID Disclosure
Height:5'10 (178cm)
Weight:150 lbs. (68kg)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Curly
Ethnic Origin: Black or African American
Ancestry (Self-Reported):Trinidadian
Education Level: Bachelor
Areas of Study: Psychology
Blood Type: O+
CMV Total Antibody: Positive
Pregnancies :Yes
Expanded Genetic Testing: Yes

Please contact me at ccbvials.16094@yahoo.com


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