15181 - Athletic, academic, green eyes... amazing donor! Vials available

My wife and I have 6 ICI vials from Donor 15181 that have never left the cryobank. We had the vials washed and used for IUI and conceived an amazing child using this donor.

Donor 15181 was so popular he sold out in record time, literally hours after being posted! His profile is a balance of smart, funny, and caring which sums up our child perfectly! He has an ID disclosure so take a look at his adult pictures - he is gorgeous!

We originally bought several vials and planned on conceiving a child each, but after much deliberation, have decided our family is complete! We'd love to help another family by sharing this donor and prefer to limit the transfer to just one family. Please let me know if you are interested. Our storage renewal is up and its time for us to make a decision!


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