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Hello - how does the search feature work with search terms? I'm looking to see if anyone else has posted about the donor we used (#16592) and getting a message that says "No Results". However, I don't trust those results because I've done searches for other donor numbers where there has been a post (example: 17021) and while I can see the post in the list of results on the homepage, the search gives me a "No Results" response. How can we reliably search the bulletin boards? Thank you!


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    @ilondon I understand what you mean. It's more likely he doesn't have a thread but you should make one and star it so you'll get notifications for it. It's not very often they get deleted or go missing. I have only seen that when a post has contained information that it shouldn't. If you are looking for siblings there are fb pages were people connect. Ccb friends and california cyrobank donor conceived and recipients. It can sometimes take awhile to find others. Good luck.

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    @ilondon I also found that the search feature isn’t working. There were a ton of posts about donor 15769, but now when I search nothing comes up. If I google the donor number, I can still see the post, but the search feature isn’t working.

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    @Cjmom618 - thank you for the google tip - i was able to find another post!

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