Are there any more vials becoming available for donor 17593

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Wondering if there are any vials available for donor 17593.
Also what is the recommended amount of vials to purchase for IUI?


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    @Wishingonalullaby looks like he only has limited vials. You will have to call CCB to purchase. Then ask them to add you to his waitlist. They will send you an email when his next vials become available. Looks like he is new so should definitely have more vials but sometimes it can take a few months as they quarantine all vials. In answer to how many. Muly clinic recommended 4 vials per child wanted if you are doing iui. Less if you are doing ivf. I see he has ici vials you can use these to if you wish. I would also just check if you know if tou are CMV negative or positive and recommend your donor is the same. Best of luck with your journey may you have a beautiful family in your near future!

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    Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate your advice. Yes I need to confirm my CMV status. I am UK based so we do not really look at this usually, so I am told. We are also unable to perform ICI without legal ramifications. The vials must be delivered to a clinic address when shipped to the UK. I will look to try to maybe order two at a time. I am so torn on whether to go for IUI or IVF. 3 x IUI attempts are around £5,000, and IVF midwife led is also £5,000.
    Thanks again for your help.

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    @Wishingonalullaby your very welcome. I am also international! I have done both IUI and IVF. I'm not sure of your personal requirements, but personally if I'm honest I would go to IVF. Iui is cheaper but it's success rate is lower. Ivf gave me 3 embros from 1 cycle and we were successful first transfer. I also have a lower AMH so it helped with options for siblings. This process is pretty stressful at times, I'm here for a chat if you need. ✌️

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