Three questions if you don't mind me asking.
1. Are any of the families of the 20 reported pregnancies in/from Chicago or in/from the midwest (llinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana etc...)?
2. I see that there is the option to have an adult picture and DNA ancestry but it is grayed out for me. Could you help me getting those?
3. Has the donor communicated any updates (health and others) since 2018.
4. Have any families with also a child from the donor requested more vials? How does the process work to resell them?


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    Hi @mklein -

    1) We can't share specific details about our clients, but if you have a reported pregnancy with this donor you can access our free Sibling Registry and see information other families have posted.

    2) Unfortunately, that means that we don't have those items available for Donor 13532. Have you been able to download all of the Donor Keepsake items from your online account?

    3) Let me check with our Donor Dept. & Genetics Dept.

    4) We do have a waiting list for this donor and we also have a 50% buyback program. If you have vials that have not left our facility, we may be able to purchase them back. Here's more info: https://www.cryobank.com/services/additional-services/vial-buyback-offer/

    Hope this info is helpful!


    California Cryobank

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    Thank you for your answer.
    I'll look forward to any updates you may have and if the donor has also offered to change his donor status and adult pictures.
    I'm already on the new siblings registry but since ccb didn't import the post and conversations from the previous site many families are not on the new registry.
    Regarding my 4th bullet point, do the families on the wait list already have at least one child from the same donor or can it be new families?
    Thank you

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