Vials for Sale--Donor 17064--6'4" Black Donor

Height:6'4 (193cm)
Weight:220 lbs (100kg)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Texture:Curly
Complexion: Medium

Please note: He is a carrier for Alpha-Thalassemia and Niemann-Pick Disease

I am able to provide you with the donor’s documents that I purchased which is everything they had available. Childhood photos, essay, voice, etc.

I have 2 premium IUI vials available at the California Cryobank.

I purchased the one vial for $1245 and another for $1895 each and would like to sell them at cost.

We would follow CCB’s Non-Family Transfer of Ownership process (this involves notarized signatures on both ends). CCB’s transfer price is $345, and I would split this cost with you if purchased after December 1, 2023. I will pay for it if before December 1, 2023.

These would go to someone who wants both vials to avoid paying multiple transfer fees.

I am looking to transfer these by December 1, 2023, before my free storage year is up.


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