TWW Donor 17404

I know this is a popular donor so I’m curious if anyone is making any attempts soon or have had successful iui procedure attempts with this donor?!

I’m 28, Singe mother by choice. I have a 4 year old from a previous relationship. no previous infertility issues. I do have generalized anxiety disorder i.e. I stress and worry very easily -

I did one iui attempt (with an ici vial- motility 46.3%, final total motile count 9.49 million) back in March 2023 with this donor. I just did my second iui attempt this morning (with a premium iui vial - motility approx. 23%, final total motile count a little over 10 million).

My uterine lining thickness was 8.1 with my first attempt and this time it is Less than 8 so they had me start estrogen called estrace (estradiol) on Cycle Day 10.
Cycle Day 11, My mother gave me my prefilled syringe of Ovidrel (hcg trigger shot) and I fainted about 15-30 seconds after the injection. I usually don’t look and I was watching her this time.

Exactly 26 hours later, Cycle Day 12 (Today), I had the iui done and laid down for 10 minutes. They didn’t do another ultrasound, so they estimated that my lead follicle should have been around 16mm-17mm on Day 11 because on Day 10, it was 15mm.

We’ll see if I have luck on my side this month. I’ll try again in another 2-3 months if I get a big fat negative on 14 & 15 days past iui. Incase someone reading this wonders -my first iui attempt was 32 hours after administering the trigger shot.

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