17758 Sold out :'(

My wife and I decided on a donor to purchase to use for hopefully all of our future children. 17758. The donor sold out before we were ready to buy. I'm so sad about this.

Any thoughts on what to expect as far as more vials?


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    @LOTSOFLOVE2387 newer donors usually have vial releases every 3-6 months depending on how frequent he went in. If you call CCB they can add you to the donors waitlist and they will email you when he has a his next vial release. You can also ask them the rough eta. Good luck!

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    @Hammonds creations thanks! I did call in and get added to the wait list, but they wouldn’t give me any timeline. I’m hoping the admin may be able to answer that question here as they have done for others. Or maybe I’ll call and ask that question again.

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