IUI Question: follicle size & uterine lining

First round of IUI at age 42.

1. My follicle is only 14mm, and RE said it needs to be 18mm for trigger shot. However, it is already the day of my natural ovulation, but I've been on Follistim injections. So... will my ovulation be delayed because of the meds? I just hate for ovulation to occur and I miss the window for the insemination (but need to time the trigger shot too!) I've been going in for ultrasound every other day.

  1. Uterine lining isn't great, only 4mm... any advice? Suggestions? RE hasn't said anything, but I googled and read it should be greater than 7mm for successful implantation. Any insight?


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    What did your specialist say? Are they going to push you out a bit further? Personally, I would not go ahead with a follicle or lining that size. It’s a waste of money. Lining should be 7mm at a minimum.
    Are you taking medication to support your follicular phase?

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    Thanks for your reply. I am on Follistim.
    Update: follicle is 17mm lining is 6mm as of Friday.
    I have an ultrasound Sunday, and if all is progressing week, will Trigger shot.

    I feel there is only so much within my control medically, so a little luck and we'll see what the universe has in store for me.

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    @SummerB how did it go?

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