Donor 17404 – 4 Premium IUI Vials Available – Black/African American Donor

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SMBC here! I have just given birth to twins using Donor 17404. I got two for the price of one so I’m not looking to expand my family further. 😉

• Height:6'5 (196cm)
• Weight:171 lbs (78kg)
• Eye Color: Black
• Hair Color: Black
• Hair Texture: Wavy
• Complexion: Medium

I am able to provide you with the donor’s Level 2 documents that I purchased (childhood photos, personal essay, facial feature report, etc.)

I have 4 premium IUI vials available at the California Cryobank, Los Angeles Facility.

I purchased the vials for $1245 each and would liek to sell them at cost.

We would follow CCB’s Non-Family Transfer of Ownership process (this involves notarized signatures on both ends). CCB’s transfer price is $345, and I would split this cost with you.

Preferably these would go to someone who wants all 4 vials to avoid paying multiple transfer fees, however I’m open to whoever is interested.

I am looking to transfer these by August 15th 2023, before my free storage year is up.

Please contact me at CCBDonor17404@att.net if you are interested.


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    Hello, I now only have 3 vials left. Preferably looking for someone who wants all 3 so there is only one transfer fee.

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    UPDATE 7/13 - I'm out of vials. Thanks for everyone's interest, and for sharing this post. Sending baby dust and well wishes to everyone on their journey!

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    I saw this too late! Darn. What bad luck.

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    @Juantwo3 you can call ccb and asked to be added to the notification list. They will send you an email just before his next release and give you a rough idea of his next release

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    Hey. I’m at the beginning of starting my single mom journey

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    @Hammonds creations I was on the notification list and followed up with them frequently. They gave me an estimate for a possible September release.
    He just had a release though on August 8th so the guesstimate was overshot by a month. I was notified on August 7th (2 days after I posted on here).
    I was able to successfully secure 4 premium iui vials.

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    @iimacatch Hey there. Congratulations on making that decision! I wish you the very best of luck on your exciting journey to motherhood!!

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    @Juantwo3 that's frustrating, but wonderful news on securing your vials. Baby dust to you!

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