Does Donor 17205 have more than 5 reported pregnancies?

Hello. I just completed my third round of IUI. I used donor 17205 for my third round and no success.

I am getting ready for my fourth round of IUI and want to know if Donor 17205 has more than 5 reported pregnancies.

Thank you in advance!


  • Just wanted to update that I was able to call CCB and they told me that Donor 17205 has more than 5 reported pregnancies.

  • @TheMashpotato13 good to know. Thanks. It is so expensive to purchase these vials so I hope it works for you at the next try. Baby dust to you. I am hoping to start my first iui with this donor this month and hoping for the best.

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    Thank you so much @Saint - it definitely is expensive! Sending baby dust to you and hoping for a BFP for you on your first IUI with this donor!

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    @TheMashpotato13 I had my iui done as well. No success for me. Had a medicated cycle with the trigger shot. 2 insemination on day 12 then 14. Oh well. On to next month. Fingers crossed for all of us.

  • Oh the doctor had said the vials each had 20 million and 51% mortality based on their analysis of the vial from cyro.

  • @TheMashpotato13 hello, how did your last iui went with 17205? I hope it went great.

  • @Saint I'm still in my TWW. Tested today 11 days post IUI and testing negative but its still early so hoping day 14 will give me positive results. Those are great numbers on the analysis too.

  • @TheMashpotato13. Yes still early indeed. Wishing you a bfp very soon. Baby dust to you. I am going for my iui next week Friday. I am hopeful and excited. Will keep you posted.

  • Best of luck with your IUI @Saint! Baby dust to you as well!

  • Hi @TheMashpotato13 , how did it go for you this cycle? I am going to do second iui tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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    Hi @Saint. So lets just say I'm I'm testing positive on multiple first response early result (FRER) tests since Day 14 post IUI-Day 20post IUI (this morning). Went for blood test- came back negative- testing positive with FRER at 8:30am on Day 16 post IUI and then boom at 10:30am that same day had bleeding which seemed like period and it lasted for my normal period number of days- but still testing positive on first response early result tests this morning at Day 20post IUI and slightly getting darker each day (all tests are very faint lines though). My doctor is confused- she is saying that she has never seen this happen before and that the FRER are usually so accurate and correct. Guessing its a no for me this round bc I got my period, had a negative blood HCG test, but then why am I still testing positive on FRER? Oh and also its only on those, but not the digital - the digital says NO. Hmmmm...- That's exciting that tomorrow is your day! I hope tomorrow goes well for you!! Sending baby dust your way!

  • Oh I'm so so sorry to hear. So close. It's strange indeed. Did you take ovidrel trigger shot? I had it last cycle and it gave a a false positive with the pregnancy test then the next day it went negative and next day positive again. My doctor told me the ovidrel was still in my system so I had to stopped checking shortly after that aunt flo came along.

  • @Saint I did take the Ovidrel and Letrozole 5mg day 3-8 as well. I however tested it out of my system and it stopped coming up on day 9post IUI. I wish that the answer to all of the confusion was as simple as that, but this is something else. Thinking it may have been a chemical pregnancy ( darker and darker lines until Day 21 post IUI and then back to extremely extremely faint lines- but still there )though since the lines are all getting lighter now. Sending you baby dust though- hope it all turns out and goes well for you!

  • @TheMashpotato13. So sorry. It sounded like a chemical for sure. I am going in for my blood test on Monday. Nothing on the at home test so far. Still hopeful for this cycle. Will see how it turns out.

  • Well onto the next cycle. Bfn. I had a fever on and off for 2 weeks 1 day after the iui. Don't know if that affected anything.

  • @Saint Oh no :-( - I'm so sorry to hear that! Sorry to hear that you were also sick. Hope that your next cycle gets you your BFP!

  • @TheMashpotato13 hi, did you have success this month with this donor? I have 1 last set to try iui with this donor before I am out of vials.

  • Hello, I've tries this donor. No success for me. Have 1 vial left. I haven't seen any reported pregnancy with this donor.

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