Other families from donor 14196 Mr Robot

My daughter was born in June of 2021 and I just now got around to registering her on the sibling registry.

My daughter was the result of an embryo donation by another SMBC who I was connected to through a dear friend. She has fraternal twin boys so if you are wondering if this donor is successful then yes. I do think it had a lot to do with the egg donor that was used to be honest. She was very young (22/23) and had previous donations that resulted in live births. She did one cycle of egg donation and combined with sperm donor 14196 that resulted in four quality embryos that have resulted in 3 healthy live births and one failed FET.

I'd love to meet other donor families! Please let me know if you'd be interested in connecting.

I'm also looking for an extra vial of 14196. If you have one you aren't using I'd love to have the chance to expand my family with a genetic sibling. I'm cross posting this on the California Cryobank FB page as well.

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