Siblings of donor#16568

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has had successful pregnancies with donor 16568?


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    Hi! My daughter was born in November from this donor. Have you had a child from this donor too?

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    Hi! I am 3 months ago (due in September) from this donor. About to find out the sex next week. I'm a little worried about giving birth to a giant baby, since this donor is so tall...but im sure it will be fine! :smile:

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    BriBBriB Posts: 5
    edited March 5, 2023 3:35AM

    @PhillyBillie83 Congratulations! My daughter was 7lb 14 oz when she was born, but she’s definitely growing fast now! She’s wearing 6-9 month onesies and she’s only 3 months old 😅

    If you’re interested, I’ve created a Facebook group for families using this donor, it’s called “CCB 16568 Families”

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    I'm due April 3rd with a little boy using this donor! He was estimated to weigh 5lb 5oz at my 34 week appt, so we'll see how big they say at 38 weeks!

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    @ak32 thats so exciting, congratulations!! You're so close, I hope your little boy makes a safe and healthy arrival!

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    We are due November 2023! =)

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