Any experiences with 16567?

Interested to know if there were actually any pregnancies and how it all went?


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    Also very interested in whether there were some pregnancies with 16567. My wife and I will be trying at-home insemination this December fingers crossed

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    i have my first IUI with this donor tomorrow. fingers crossed I will have some good new to share in the future

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    Good luck , @sillygoose57 ! Let us know how it goes <3

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    Hi yall, I just wanted to update about Donor #16567.

    My wife and I did in-home insemination with this donor on my cycle this month & unfortunately I got my period yesterday. :( feeling some sadness, but hopeful for the future.

    Will be trying another donor with IUI in the next few months. Best of luck, yall.


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    Hey. I got pregnant with this donor in July 2023. Pregnancy is going well so far! There is hope!

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