Picking a donor for my wife and I

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any advice in how to proceed with purchasing vials. Should we purchase all of the vials that we may need at one time? Or is there way to have a donor put on "reserve" for possible future siblings? Also is there a cut off for how many successful pregnancies a donor can provide? For example if the donor has 5 successful they will be "pulled"?

Both my wife and I will be carrying and are hoping to use the same donor.


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    Hello @AllieKat21 there are a few questions here so bare with me to see If I can help. 😊 It depends on how many children you are looking to have and how you are planning to start treatment? Are you planning on doing IUI or are you going straight to ivf? I was told to purchase (by my clinic) 4 vials per try. CCB have a family storge program that allow you to store vials of your donor for future use. If you purchase at least four to store you get a year of free storage. With 8 vial purchase I believe it's 3 years free storage. I would highly recommend storing vials of your donor as they sell out very fast and sometimes it can take 6 or more months for a "restock" of new vials if any at all. If you keep them stored at ccb you can on sell any you don't use more easily. If you can't find a buyer you can also sell back to ccb but they only pay you half the vials value and they only do that if it's never left ccb (storage). Donors can have a family limit of 25-30. But sometimes the donor may least the "program" himself and he might not hit that number. Ccb will only tell you if he has reached 5 more or less after that you can only tell he's hit his family limit when the profile switches to "call ccb for additional vials if you've used this donor previously".
    I hope that was helpful Best of luck!!

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