It's so hard to choose a donor. help.

I am struggling with selecting a donor. I have been looking for over 2 years and still haven't decided. I thought I found a good one, but he has no positive pregnancies listed in his profile yet. So I am scared to purchase. I don't know how people pick donors. It is so hard. I try to prioritize healthy genetics tests, over "looks", over intelligence.. and I find myself not being able to find the perfect donor. I keep reading that the perfect donor doesn't exist. I have tried looking at many different clinics and even asked a few known donors, but nothing has worked out so far. I find it paralyzing trying to choose a donor. How did you finally decide? What was your number 1 priority besides wanting a healthy baby?


  • Hi @sbc30, it's an important choice, it's understandable that it's taken some time to make the right choice for you. I also waited for the "right donor" and it took about that amount of time to find him. When I did I knew he ticked all the boxes that were most important to me. I would suggest making a list of your "must haves" would be a good start. For some it's begins with say cmv status and ethnic background.. Just remember some donors are newly added to the program, those starting with numbers 171.. are newer and may not have a reported pregnancy for a few months.
    If one has caught your eye u can always call ccb, he may not have shipped many vials out yet. I hope you find the right fit for you, best of luck!!

  • @Hammonds creations Thank you. I appreciate that you relate to how hard it is to choose. I made all my lists, but I guess I just have to remember that there will not be a "perfect" one. Yes, the donor is a new one that doesn't have any positives yet. It is risky to purchase that one, but I will definitely keep looking and hopefully one feels right soon! Best of luck to you as well!

  • I purchased a newer donor with no reported pregnancies and I am pregnant. So, don't stress. They do a lot of testing on motility etc before they put them on the site.

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