Donor 14834

Hello all,
I am currently 11 weeks 4 days pregnant through IVF with this donor. looking to see if there are any other pregnancies or live births/siblings out there!



  • Hi! I used this donor with IUI! I have twins who turn 1 in December!

  • Omg!!! That’s amazing congrats! I’m in touch with two other couples with children from this donor! Would love to connect further with you! We are all friends on fb. Let me know! We are 28 weeks now ❤️

  • I would LOVE to connect!!!!! I am on the CCB friends Facebook group. I will make a new post right now that way you can find me!

  • Or if there’s another way we can do it, let’s do it that way!

  • My name is Ashleigh Renee Maricle on fb! I requested to join the group on fb as well!

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