Need love, support and prayers

I am single by choice, I live alone and I have to give myself a trigger shot tomorrow. I am scared and I'm afraid of messing up (retracting/wrong angle/spilling/freezing in fear). I don't have anyone to help me and it reminds me how hard it is being single sometimes. Gotta woman up for my IUI on Thursday. I know I'm not alone in this journey, but right now it feels like I am suffering alone. Please send positive thoughts, love and support my way!


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    You got this! I do everything alone, and now I'm trying to get pregnant. This is a very emotional, trying time so cut yourself some slack. What is a trigger shot?

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    @valentino12 Thank you! We can do this together. Yes, I agree it is very emotional. I've traveled, eaten, gone to the movies alone. I recently started going on new hikes (venturing out of my usual hike comfort zone) and it's a bit terrifying at times. Don't know what weirdos or wild predators I will encounter.

    The trigger shot is called ovidrel. It forces you to ovulate. We were crunched for time because by Monday I hadn't ovulated and my specialist wasn't going to be in the office on Friday. She sent me home with the injection, told me to inject myself in the stomach on Wed and go in for my IUI on Thurs.

    Where are you in your journey?

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