Seeking Vials- 16141

Hello all. We are seeking vials of 16141. If anyone is looking to sell vials, please contact me. Thank you.


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    Hello- I have 2 vials of IUI from this donor. I bought 4 vials awhile back in 2021, 2 from this donor #16141 and 2 ICI from another donor. In the time it took to get everything set up for my pregnancy, I hit that "I'm too old" stage and decided it would be too challenging to take on having an infant on my own in my 40's. The vials are on ice at the reproductive center affiliated with Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. I've been paying $55 per month to keep them stored in their lab and I'm ready to just either toss out these vials or attempt to sell them here. I don't know what paperwork would need to be done in order to get them to you or your fertility center, what fees those would incur, or even if you are still interested in becoming pregnant with this donor? This was the donor who likes to do Parkour, I recall. Please let me know if you're interested and what your price point is. Thanks.

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