insurance coverage for fertility treatments?

Hi! I'm so happy I found this forum! what a wonderful resource.
My wife and I are so excited to start this process! when we bought our sperm donor we were over the moon with excitement. we did so much research with our insurance company (Cigna) and we were assured this would be covered. Now that we are ready to start we are told that we have to pay for 6 cycles of IUI (I'm 40) out of pocket to prove infertility before the insurance can cover anything (and if I get pregnant along the way none of it will be covered). Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a work around? We are thinking of doing at home ICI and I'm reading some of you have some success. Can I do ICI more than once while I'm ovulating? Does anyone know if we do at home ICI would that count as a try according to the insurance companies?

thank you!!!!

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