hello! my fiancée & I plan on ttc in october of this year (2022). we have both done SO MUCH research but ultimately still haven’t figured out if we want to do an AHI or an IUI. I feel like one of our main concerns truthfully with doing an IUI is the potential of tampering at the doctors office. we live in a state that is not accepting of lgbtq+ families so that is a major concern of ours. not sure if we are overthinking things or if our concerns are valid & we should try an AHI. would LOVE to hear some feedback from staff point of view (opinions, thoughts, etc.). this is our first time trying for a baby so we just really want to give ourselves the best chance of getting pregnant☺️


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    Hi @babybees!

    So excited for you to start this journey! Even if you plan on doing AHI, it's always a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor and make sure your body is ready for a pregnancy. This process can be pricey and it's better to find out at the start if you have a blocked tube or ovarian cyst before you start at-home inseminations. You may also want to do genetic testing to make sure you're compatible with the donor that you choose.

    A few benefits of going through a physician is they're able to do ultrasounds and pinpoint the best time to inseminate and with an IUI they're able to place the sperm closer to the egg which will increase your chance of a successful pregnancy. Some AHI clients tell us it's a bit stressful to get every last drop out of the tiny vials and I think one of the trickiest parts is coordinating your vial shipment in time with your ovulation. You can always ask the doctor to show you the vial before you're inseminated which has a label with the donor number on it, for your own peace-of-mind. Some physicians even let the wife/partner push the plunger during the IUI so they can be part of the process. (Feel free to email me if you need any physician recommendations - nicole@cryobank.com.)

    Some of our clients prefer AHI because of the comfort and intimacy of being at home with their partner. You may also be able to find a mid-wife in your area that can assist with AHI. And we also have a few clients who have done back to back inseminations, one with a physician and one at their home within a 48 -hour period.

    On average, for women 35 and under, it takes about 3-4 IUIs to achieve pregnancy. We don't have stats on AHI since it's done outside of the medical arena, but it's closer to natural conception. And with natural conception, it's generally suggested to see a fertility specialist after a year of trying or 6 months of trying if you're over 35. Here's a link to an ASRM brochure with more info: https://www.reproductivefacts.org/globalassets/rf/news-and-publications/bookletsfact-sheets/english-fact-sheets-and-info-booklets/Age_and_Fertility.pdf

    Hope this info is helpful and we're here to help whichever route you choose!


    California Cryobank

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