at home insemination vs. intrauterine insemination

hello! my fiancée & I plan on ttc in october of this year (2022). we have both done SO MUCH research but ultimately still haven’t figured out if we want to do an AHI or an IUI. I feel like one of our main concerns truthfully with doing an IUI is the potential of tampering at the doctors office. we live in a state that is not accepting of lgbtq+ families so that is a major concern of ours. not sure if we are overthinking things or if our concerns are valid & we should try an AHI. would LOVE to hear some feedback on other stories or even just thoughts. this is our first time trying for a baby so we just really want to give ourselves the best chance of getting pregnant☺️


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    Have you looked into going abroad for IUI? Just a thought, cheaper abd very lgbtq friendly in Mexico

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    My wife and I used ICI vials. We did home insemination and used a cervical cap after being inseminated. We’ve had 3 successful pregnancies by doing this.

    The first time we did it, I got pregnant right away. The second time I got pregnant it was within 2 cycles of trying. That one ended up in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant, but this one took us about 9 cycles to try and successful after one cycle of fertility medicine (Clomid). I am older (40) which I believe contributed to the difficulty getting pregnant after my miscarriage.

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