ISO Hawaiian Donor

My wife and I are desperately in search of a Native Hawaiian donor. Ideally, we are looking for a Filipino/Hawaiian donor. But we would be willing to settle for a Hawaiian-mixed Donor. My wife is Hawaiian and we have definitively decided that we would like to perpetuate to the Hawaiian culture and bloodline.
If anyone could assist us in our search, it would be greatly appreciated! We would also be willing to buy unused vials if available!


  • @KanakaStrong hello, I have seen a few post like this but they dont seem to have many, maybe give them a call donor 14938 has vials but might be limited.

  • Hello, yes we've tried calling but donors sperm is only available to those who have used his sperm previously. 😥

  • @KanakaStrong call xytec immediately there have a donor matching your request who has vials (they weren't there yesterday) and they are listed as his last. Donor no 92039 "roman" is Philippino and Hawaiian and has adult pics.

  • @Hammonds creations thank you for pointing us in that direction. We attempted to contact xytex about that donor, they are unclear about how many vials are available for this donor at the moment. We're still looking and crossing our fingers.

  • Update. We did three rounds of IUI with no success. Our fertility specialist now wants to move onto IVF but we have no vials left and our donor is retired. We're looking for help again!

  • @KanakaStrong hey guys, I've been still keeping an eye out for you. There is a new donor with limited vials but he is mixed hawaiian donor with adult pictures avalible now. 17603. Best of luck.

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