Donor 15875

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edited March 15, 2022 4:37AM in Two Week Wait

I had my second IUI attempt today. Now we wait. Has anyone had success with Donor 15875?


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    Hopefully you had success, I used a different donor for my IUI attempts, and used 15875 for IVF - and finally successful on my final attempt (egg quality issue with me). But yes, successful - 33 weeks pregnant now.

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    That’s wonderful! So excited for you! I hope everything goes smoothly with the delivery!

    I did not have success. We are going to try 1-2 more IUIs before switching to IVF.

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    I had a chemical pregnancy with my first unmedicated IUI and a live birth with my second unmedicated IUI with 15875. I'm a choice mom, with no fertility issues other than age risk. Hope your cycles worked! Fertility is a wild ride.

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