First IUI w/ Donor #13703!

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My wife and I are starting our first medicated IUI with Donor 13703 next week and I wanted to see if anyone has had any pregnancies from this donor? I have searched this site and only found 1 or 2 other posts about this donor and don’t have access to the sibling registry at this point. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but am also trying to find any positive signs!


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    We used 13703 to have our son! He is 5.5 and wonderful!! We are currently in our 2nd medicated IUI (9a Wednesday! fingers crossed!)trying for a sibling. We are on our last vial so fingers crossed this works!!!!
    But more about my son Henry- he has light brown hair, was talking WAY early and got all of his teeth pretty fast so he was a king at drooling!
    He is very smart and has been reading since he was 4. He fell in love with letters, numbers, science, and music during the pandemic (poor kiddo got stuck inside a lot but still managed to thrive). My husband and I both work at his preschool so we feel lucky to see him play with friends and learn new things every day! He loves to be outside and loves getting dirty.
    Downsides to 13703? This very popular donor has no more vials up for grabs. We are on the waitlist and have asked CCB to send along a few IVF vials (though we are still IUI) they think they might be able to release.
    But really, you picked a great donor and this adventure is so hard but SO worth it!!! So much baby dust and good luck! If your wife wants to chat more about medicated IUIs I am here. Let me know via here and I will get y'all my email address!

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    Hi there! Join us on the sibling registry for this donor. We might have vials available for you, so if you log-in through the registry we can privately and securely message with other!

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