Help Choosing Donor

I’ve been looking at sperm donors for the past month and the ones that I feel drawn too do not have vials available at this time. I will be a single mom by choice. Donors interested in are 15917 and 16335. I took the Kiersey test as well and am an Idealist Healer. I am really looking for a man that is humble, selfless, empathetic and compassionate. Someone who is altruistic and wants to help others. I just need some guidance. I’m on a bit of a timeline as well. Thank you so much in advance for your help! Appreciate you and your time!!


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    We are doing our IVF retrieval this Weds! We didn't use those donors but my only advice is to check their genetics out to make sure everything is good! Goodluck!!

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    Thank you so much Amberr!! I’ll be thinking about you and wishing you the very best!! Good luck!!

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    I see you have changed to donor 15942 congratulations on securing your donor. I also read your post on looking for advice. My advice during your ttc is to use fertility acupuncture before and straight after your procedure, worked well for me. Good luck on your IVF!

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