Help, any suggestions

Hey ladies my wife and myself are preparing for a 3rd iui attempt. It has taken almost a year to work up the courage to try again after 2 failed iui.

We have gone through the needed preventive test to make sure there is no issues, and there is not blockage, or any other health issues to cause concern. We are trying to do this with out needing pharmaceutical medicine/drugs.

I am looking for any suggestions, advice or words of wisdom you ladies can share with us regarding receiving a successful BFP.
The best vitamins to take, diet, exercises, affirmations anything helps.

I know everyone is different, and I have done all the internet surfing one can do. Please no negativity.
Thank you in advance.


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    Hiya! Let me start by saying congrats on finding the courage and strength to try again. Not everyones journey is easy, but it will always be worth trying. I won’t take up time explaining my bum medical history but I can say I had a successful pregnancy at a late age. A few suggestions..
    Cut out the coffee (completely), actif prenatals (at least 3 months prior) anti inflammatory diet (less milk, more beets), orgasm post-insemination (thank you google), zero lifting (pre/post).. I didn’t exercise before, during or after either. I would just go on 15 min walks with my phone turned off. As far as affirmations, I watched/listened to motivational videos every morning as soon as my eyes opened. Sometimes we get so caught up in the physical, we can forget that this whole process is a mental one too. Best of luck! 💛

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