Donor 14510 International Jokester - Seeking Vial/s

We are looking for one or more vials from donor 14510, international jokester. We are willing to pay more than you would get selling them back. Thanks.


  • Also, just as a side note..we have a kido from this donor and would like one more. If you have any questions let me know.

  • I am currently pregnant and have 1 vial in storage of this donor. Currently 22 weeks and this is our last kiddo. However, it is in storage at my doctors lab not at CCB because we sent our last 2 over when we did this round and just got lucky on our first try. If you know of a way for the doctors office to ship it I am happy to sell it to you.

  • Oh, that is wonderful news! Congratulations 🎉 May i ask what procedure you used? I would be willing to call your Doctor and find out if they can ship it or you could. I imagine it depends on them. Let me know what works best for you and thank you!

  • Hi, just checking in. I know pregnancy is a heck of a job. I hope it’s going ok for you. We are still interested in the vial.

  • delicateflower

    Hi I have a general question. How did it ultimately end up with this vial transferring procedure from doctor’s office? I’m in the same situation now but not in doctor’s office.

  • @Maikey This particular transfer never happened, but what I can tell you is that it will depend on both dr’s offices. The best thing to do is call both of them and find it what they require to transfer and receive the vial. There is no easy answer unfortunately.

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