Black sperm donors


I'm a black woman from Canada, looking for a black sperm donor and I've been having lots of trouble. Wondering if any other SMCs (particularly Canadians) have had the same struggle? If so, how have or were you able to source, Canada compliant, black sperm in higher numbers or rates than is usually available?


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    I'm also curious about this topic as well. There seems to be very few donors and in little supply.

  • Me too! I just want a black baby as I’m black🥺… I hope they recruit more black men.

  • Really sad. It’s almost hopeless

  • There are more African Diaspora donors listed on Fairfax Cryobank. Good luck!

  • just fyi - it does appear that there are sometimes more African Diaspora donors LISTED on fairfax cryobank, but at least half of them have no vials left so its a bit of a rouse. When you filter for 'available units' their list shrinks dramatically. So it ends up being the same number of available donors on fairfax as you'd find on california cyrobank (sometimes even less).

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