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I see that the Sibling Registry is down for maintenance. Is it possible to get an estimation of when it might be up and running again?


  • Yes, wondering also. It's been down for forever and there has been no communication on when it's going to be back up?

  • @Ynattirb73 I did end up calling CCB. They said "hopefully" sometime in the New Year. So, perhaps this month, though that qualifier doesn't instill much confidence. It's quite unfortunate as the registry serves as a safe place to get in contact with donor recipients who've also been vetted by the bank. :(

  • @DeuceMom ugh that stinks to hear! I have not been able to find anyone else who used our donor and I am 21 weeks pregnant, so I was really hoping to use the sibling registry. It's super frustrating that was not communicated with CCB customers at all, as I am sure that is a great resource for some.

  • @DeuceMom yes, we have a facebook group for parents that have used our donor but we use the registry to verify. It's disappointing that it has been out for months since we have requests to join the group.

  • @Ynattirb73 Same here! I called because we also had someone who wished to get in contact, information we generally only supply through the registry to ensure privacy. Naturally, CCB couldn't verify anyone registering under our donor's number either. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of us in a pickle.

  • @bignight4 I know there is also a CCB page for people trying to find connections with others who used the same donor, but it comes down to how comfortable you are sharing that information publicly, same as on here. Unfortunately, both of those options lack the vetting process that the sibling registry provides though.

  • I called CCB about the sibling registry and they said it's down because they are testing a new registry site. She said it'll still be a couple more weeks, but the new site should be live in February. fingers crossed that is accurate - I miss the registry!

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    @CALIFORNIACRYOBANK I was told the registry would be up in the New Year. MissyWho was told February. We are now in April. We are quickly approaching half an entire year without access to the sibling registry. Why did you shut down the previous site without first establishing the new one for a smoother transition? You've left many donor recipients with no safe way to establish contact among each other than a very public forum. Very frustrating!

  • Hello everyone, it's back up and running now, you may have to reregister though.

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