Donor 14534 Sibling Search

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Hi we are excited about our pregnancy using donor 14534 and wanted to connect with families that are interested in sharing or discussing their family experiences using donor 14534. We're excited and are looking forward to meeting about baby boy!


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    We would absolutely be open to discussion/connection.
    Congratulations to you all!

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    Awesome thanks so much for reaching out! So I have no idea how to personal message you or if that's even a thing on the bulletin, but I have a spam email that you can use and I'll check is periodically over the next few days for a response. It's super cheesy so bare with me - again thanks so much for the reply! Excited to connect

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    Congratulations!! My partner and I are ready to begin our process. Question I have is if you did the at home insemination and if so, do they provide the syringe for insemination? Also how many tries did it take for you? I appreciate all info you could pass along, we are new to this.

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