Dividing a single vial?

This may be an off question but as I only have 1 vial left is there any way to divide it while frozen or otherwise? Has anyone ever had anything like this done before? May be far fetched.


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    2Mujeres1Bebé2Mujeres1Bebé Posts: 39
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    @Pinkpirate Yes. When you do IVF they can scrape the vial and refreeze the the remaining sperm. That is what we are doing since we have four IUI vials left and want at least one more baby. My wife carried last time and she did IUI but I will have to do IVF due to fertility issues. Also, with IVF ICSI they use less sperm since they inject it directly into the egg in a laboratory. I am not sure about IUI though but it might be possible although less effective since the sperm have to travel through your tubes.

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