Donor 16346 - IVF - Seeking vials

Hi All!
My wife of 12 years and I are have started our IVF journey and finding it extremely hard to find a suitable donor. Due to our/family medical history, there are a few things we need to avoid when selecting a donor. Currently, there is only one donor with vials available that has a family allocation in Australia. Unfortunately, this donor does not fully meet our needs. As such, after some long searching, we have landed on Donor 16346. This donor is a very suitable fit for us, both physcially and genetically, and we are desperately wanting to start a family.
If there are any vials available for purchase for IVF - we are interested. This is our first post and after a couple of letdowns, we are hoping we might find some hope here.
Thank you for reading. Much love for you + your journies.
Best, a couple ready with so much to give


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