Donor 16346 - IVF - Seeking vials

Hi All!
My wife of 12 years and I are have started our IVF journey and finding it extremely hard to find a suitable donor. Due to our/family medical history, there are a few things we need to avoid when selecting a donor. Currently, there is only one donor with vials available that has a family allocation in Australia. Unfortunately, this donor does not fully meet our needs. As such, after some long searching, we have landed on Donor 16346. This donor is a very suitable fit for us, both physcially and genetically, and we are desperately wanting to start a family.
If there are any vials available for purchase for IVF - we are interested. This is our first post and after a couple of letdowns, we are hoping we might find some hope here.
Thank you for reading. Much love for you + your journies.
Best, a couple ready with so much to give


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    Hello, I don't have vials of this donor although we looked at him. I know his list is long and he sold full vials in not even an hr. but you can always go onto his notification list. I'd really love to chat with couples ttc in Australia. My wife and I are currently pregnant. Would you be at all interested in chatting with another couple through the journey?

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    @Zoe & Rachael you can email us at Smokey_andrews@hotmail.com

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    @Zoe & Rachael I don't have any IVF vials as my wife and I decided to try ICI first, but I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with Donor 16346. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck!!!

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