First Round of IUI

Hello. So me and my wife are currently weighing out our options and im sure we are going to do the IUI route. Any tips/suggestions/tricks that helped with getting pregnant the first round.


  • Hello, I would really recommend fertility based acupuncture. Go just before insemination and then straight after.

  • would you recommend a week before and a week after or days before and days after?

  • You can go a week before, we also went the hour before transfer and then straight after (ours was next to the clinic so it was easy for us). I would recommend as close as possible to the actual transfer.

  • wow. this is so amazing. thank you so much for the info. any meds, herbs or tea suggestion as well?

  • I dont want to suggest any medication only because I'm not aware of your personal situation but I suggest talking to your physician. My wife and I considered Clomifene because we have pcos and other such issues. We ended up not needing it though. We did some of the "old wives tales" one in which you eat the core of a pineapple and also drink pomegranate juice which is meant to help blood flow, liining and sticking. Keep your hands and feet warm.

    Have you picked your donor yet?

  • Hi! I was taking pre natals, allowed my body to relax as much as possible... cut alcohol out... did prenatal acupuncture days before... made sure to continue laying down/back 15 min. post iui... and relaxed the rest of the day... good luck! Try to just focus on being happy/not stressed... I know that is easier said than done :) lol.

  • I also I did track... when I felt I had a surge (double checked with my doctor by sending her a pic. lol) I went in next morning for IUI. Make sure the vials are transferred to whoever is going first... we almost missed this chance bc the vials were registered to my wife! Was a whole fiasco but the CC gal was amazing and made it happen. Would have been such a loss bc I'm 13 weeks today!

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