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I've recognize that you have disclosed how many live births on this thread. May u tell me if donor 16216 has more or less than 5 live births please?


  • Hi-I gave birth to a baby girl on 09/21. I know of 2 other love healthy bergs

  • I just bought this donor's sperm. Congrats! Do we know how many live births are reported for this donor?

  • Hello,

    I also gave birth to a healthy baby boy from this donor in July, so it sounds like at least 4 live births.

  • oh wow! Congrats PharmDMama! I was able to buy one vial, but hoping to buy one more. This donor popped up and I am excited about the prospect as a smbc and being south asian origin as well.

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    Hi all! I'm starting my first IVF cycle using this donor this week. I've tried two unsuccessful IUI's but fertility is fine so very hopeful with the IVF. I'd love to hear updates on everyone's babies from this donor and thoughts on potentially create a facebook account for the diblings if I am lucky enough to conceive. Let me know your thoughts, and if those sweet babies are still calm now that they are all approaching 1 and 2 years old! :blush:

    All the best to all of you, Caitlin

  • I had a son in December 2021 using this donor.

  • Hey all
    We should definitely start a group. I had a son in December 2021.

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