Donor 16336 60% Motility Prem IUI For Sale

Donor 16336
60% Motility Rate
No more available vials 🧪. I have 2
Seeking to sale premium IUI vials.


  • hi do you still have these vials available? I may be interested. thanks!

  • Good morning.
    Yes I do.

  • Are they stored with Cryobank or somewhere else and do you know the process of signing them over to me ?

  • Hiyaaaa!
    Actually both vials are stored with cryobank. I can call cryobank to find out the process of signing them over to you. I do know there is a donor release form you have to sign but I can find out the remaining details today.

  • Oh ok , I am interested in a couple of donors this one included . How much did you want to sell the vials for ?

  • Hey I just spoke to Elias from CCB and he confirmed the process for me.
    Basically yes we both have to complete, sign, and notarize a Non-Family Transfer of Ownership form and send back to CCB. He also mentioned there is a administration fee for $345 (for receiver )them to connect everything to your account and it usually takes 3-4 weeks to process.
    In regards to the asking price of the vials, just asking the base price of the IUI premium vials nothing more. Trust me I understand more than enough that this entire process is costly enough!

  • Ok let me decide on the donor & get back to you 😉 thanks for looking in to that . Btw where do you live ? Would be convenient if we lived in the same state

  • Also did you get pregnant with this donor or decided to use another one ?

  • No worries. We live in Naperville, Illinois.
    Cool beans just let me know.
    No, we kept trying and got pregnant in between cycles :)

  • Are these still available?

  • Are these vials still available?

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