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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately these vials are no longer available.


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    Hello, we have been waiting for this donor to come back in stock and I've just discovered this forum! Could you please confirm if you have any vials left and how we would go about getting these :) Thank you so much! xxx

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    Hi there! We still have them available ... please email me at xclaudix09 at gmail.com or provide us with a way to contact you directly...

    They are stored at CCB so we would just need to fill out a transfer form and pay the transfer fee...

    Talk to you soon!

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    Thanks so much! Just sent you an email x

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    Hello, not sure if my email has come through or not but our doctor is happy for us to go ahead with this donor, so as soon as we can get the donor shipped the sooner we can start 😊 please could you let us know how we can go ahead with this? Thanks x

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