What day should I Inseminate?

I'm so nervous to miss this egg. This sperm is expensive and my donor is not available at the moment.
For those who fell pregnant only, what day(s) did you inseminate relative to your PEAK opk?
I have 2 viles and trying to choose the best days (at home). This will be my first try btw.


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    Great question!

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    Hey did you have any luck. I'm in the exact same situation. I have 2 vials and I have been trying to chart my ovulation for the past few months. I have been using the Flo app then I used a clear blue easy ovulation test to check for my peak time. I was able to track like 6 days after is when the app says Im at my peak so i took the cbe test then and it seemed to be pretty accurate. But like you I just dont want to miss it.

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