Vial Limit Purchase?

I’m a SMC and cancer survivor undergoing IVF however I’m concerned about how many vials one can purchase? We see that these donors go fast, but as someone who’s had a miscarriage with donor 15802 and want to continue to use him, my question is what exactly happens to the retired donors with remaining vials (if there are any)? Does CCB limit how many vials one can purchase? I mean a donor can donate so many and a single couple can purchase more than half, making it much harder of an already difficult process!


  • Hi @songbyrd8403,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult journey. Unfortunately, the only way to secure vials for a future cycle is to purchase vials and store them. We offer free storage to help with this. (30 days free storage with the purchase of 1-3 vials, 1 year free storage with the purchase of 4-7 vials, and 3 years free storage with the purchase of 8+ vials.) We also offer financing through CapexMD which specializes in fertility financing.

    There are some instances where vials may only be sold to clients with previous pregnancies. Please make sure to complete a pregnancy outcome so we can update your account accordingly:

    Also, we have a notification list for Donor 15802 so we can contact those clients if additional vials become available. Please be sure to call us at 866-927-9622 to get on that list.


    California Cryobank

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