The beginning of this New Journey

Hello everyone! I am completely new to this and beginning to do my research on becoming a Single Mother by Choice. There is so much to learn and research so I would appreciate tips and any advice. I decided to look into becoming a single mom because of my health issues i have had and because I want to be a mom without having to wait for a man. I've had terrible luck in relationships and as the years have gone by, i'm more convinced that being a single mother is more exciting than marriage or a partner. With my recent health issues, I am afraid that if I wait longer in life, I may not be able to carry a child. This is something i've thought about for a long time and I don't want to miss my opportunity. I know I would regret not giving me a chance to try and become a mother.


  • Hi @Matiana Rose, im not a SMBC but just wanting to add support. There are a few Facebook pages dedicated to women going through the same journey. If you haven't already have a look. I would also recommend "ccb friends" and "california cryobank donor recipients" pages as the have people open to communicating with others going specifically through this sperm bank. Plus when you pick your donor, you may op to leave his no in the thread to look for half siblings. Good luck going forward!

  • Hello @Matiana Rose I am new to this as well so new that I had no idea what SMBC stood for when someone asked me if I am one lol. I am choosing this because I'm getting older and I don't want to miss out on the chance to be a mother because I have not found a life partner. And at this point in my life I would honestly rather be a mom. I'm very excited to be on this journey. I just finished my testing last week so I'm almost ready to start purchasing vials.

    Great to meet another newbie

  • I am also choosing the SMBC route. I just did my first IUI last week. The two week wait anxiousness is starting to kick in to where I just want to know if it was successful. The one thing that my doctors seemed to stress to me was that since I was CMV negative I needed to choose a donor who is also CMV negative so it might not be bad idea to find out what you are before you choose your donor.

  • I just found mine out yesterday, Im positive. Luckily the donor that I chose is negative so that works out. Lots of baby dust to you @GoingSolo Im sure its a really exciting yet nervous time. But hoping the best for you.

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