IB or way early af spotting?

Yesterday (10dpo) my bbt crashed below the cover line for the 1st cycle ever. Today (11dpo) I had very light spotting when I wiped. So I put on a liner and will observe how much flow I get by the end of the day. AF is not due until 14 dpo and I almost never spot, but if I do it would only be 1 day before, but most likely after AF.
Definitely had some symptoms since 8 dpo, but have failed so many cycles that I didn't want to jump to conclusions. Maybe I didn't like something in my food? I had a toothache last sat and sun that completely disappeared. Woke up with abdominal soreness and smell sensitivity, nausea, and couldn't stomach much other than cheerios. Never vomited, but had a desire to just by opening my patio door and smelling the morning air 1 time and ran away gagging. That was one or 2 days before my bbt dip. No more digestive symptoms since. I have had lightning nipple at least once a day for 3-4 days. It's very brief. I've had sharp zaps in my back and today in my lower belly. I didn't check my urine 10 dpo bc I woke up early with an air bubble from my stomach that came up when I sat up in bed. It popped and squirt stomach acid all in my throat. So I spent 3 hours trying to get the burning to stop. I don't eat dairy, so there's no milk or ice cream in my kitchen to help, so I drank a ton of water and was unable to test. I had been asleep for 4 hours, so idk what the deal was with the reflux. tmi I know!
These are all symptoms that are new, so I'm hoping they mean bfp on Saturday. Anyone experience anything similar?


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