Donor 15139 - Any extra vials?

Hi, just checking to see if anyone has any extra vials for donor 15139, would love to purchase them. Unfortunately I'm half a day late and they sold the remaining 17 vials in a day so I wasn't able to purchase anymore.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi! I have 4 IUI vials from donor 15139 that I won't be using. Please let me know if you're interested!

  • Hi! I am interested and awaiting some additional testing with my doctor in the next couple months to see if I can/should do more rounds of IVF. If I am doing more rounds, I believe I'll need 2 vials. Do you know the process for the transfer of vials? Is this something California Cryobank assists with? Thanks!

  • Hi! I'll have to look into how to transfer but assume it would 100% be through the cryobank! Just FYI - my storage plan ends November 15th - so at that point I'll just sell the vials back to cryobank... not sure if you'll be able to purchase them on the donor page (or call) if you decide after that point :)

  • Hi! Thanks for letting me know about the end date, that's very helpful. Let me try to figure out with my doctor if I can find out sooner about more rounds so I can let you know ASAP. Thanks!

  • Sounds good!! I'll call cryobank today to see how it would even work to transfer the vials :)

  • Hi, sorry for the delay. I won’t have an answer back from my doctor anytime soon, but regardless, I’d love to purchase 2 vials from you when your storage plan ends. Let me know if that works and I’m sure we can figure out the logistics with California Cryobank. Thanks!

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