Featured Family Series: Meet Tai and Paige

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Mamas: Tai (she/her) & Paige (she/her)
Kiddos: Kennedy (3 years old) and Kendrix (6 months)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Follow their story on IG & YouTube: @lifewithmamadeux + Life With Mamadeux

Q: How did you and your partner meet?
A: We met at the Dinah Shore music festival in Palm Springs, CA and later reconnected in Los Angeles days after the festival. At the time Tai was living in LA and Paige was living in NYC. A chance encounter at a crowded, high energy music festival was the beginning of a beautiful romance. Being bicoastal for 9 months afforded us the opportunity to really get to know one another on a deep level and mentally connect. And then the relationship blossomed!

Q: How did the topic and conversation of kids/family come up?
A: The conversation happened early. It was one of our very first conversations. Paige was approaching 30, after dealing with stage 4 endometriosis & undergoing multiple surgeries, doctors recommended not waiting long to have kids. Being settled in her career, accomplished personally and professionally, she desired a partner who wanted a family as well. Both agreed we wanted a family and given our situation we felt it was a good time to embark on that journey after enjoying time together, building our relationship, traveling the world and embracing new experiences.

Q: How have you spoken with your kiddos about being donor conceived?
A: We have spoken with Kennedy about our family dynamic and her having 2 moms. Though we haven’t fully explained the donor situation - she’s too young to fully grasp that concept - we have showed her photos and mentioned who he was. We plan to be totally open about their donor with them as early as possible. Though we don’t know him personally, we are thankful for the gifts we’ve been blessed with from him through California Cryobank! The fact that we’ve been able to grow our family and conceive two beautiful children, is such a beautiful blessing.

Q: What would you like people to know about your path to parenthood?
A: Our path to parenthood wasn’t easy given Paige’s diagnosis with stage 4 endometriosis. Plus, given the fact that IVF wasn’t covered under insurance, it was a tough decision to make to embark on a pricey journey with no guarantee. Though the journey may not be easy, if it’s something you have your mind and heart set on, go for it! But be patient with yourself and the journey and stay positive! Feel free to watch our YouTube videos where we captured our entire journey to parenthood and through birth: https://m.youtube.com/c/LifeWithMamadeux

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