Medicated or Unmedicated IUI?

Hi there SMC-ers.

I am 39 and planning my first IUI in mid-July. My RE told me that I am 'great candidate' for a natural cycle IUI and suggests that we do not medicate this time around. She shared that they typically do rounds in "threes" - 3 natural IUIs, 3 medicated, then IVF... I have 12 frozen 35 yo eggs but would rather keep them cold and cozy for now if possible.

My question is: why not give my first IUI round a stronger chance with medication and monitoring? What are the drawbacks? Mulitples? More expensive? Side effects? I feel as though I should give it my best shot initially with the goal of a One and Done cycle. I'd love to know anyone's thoughts and experience with this! For reference, I have very predictable 28-day cycles, have gotten the hang of using the OPK kit, and have a AMH level of 5.37. Donor sperm is purchased and stored at Cryobank, ready to be shipped (8 vials).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice : )


  • I am 34, but was in the same exact position thought wise as you. I spoke with my doctor about why we wouldn’t increase our chances with at least clomid or the like. She explained that research doesn’t show a super strong increase in pregnancies. However there is a significant (like ten percent) chance of having multiples with medicated cycles. I just got pregnant with my second natural cycle IUI in May, so it has worked out for me doing it naturally. I wish you luck!

  • This is encouraging. I'm 37 and will be starting my IUI treatments in Oct. I'm slightly nervous about how many time I will have to do it but after reading this post I'm encouraged. My doctor says that my chances are high and to try without the medication she also said the same thing as yours @Alyssaa about the multiples. Congrats on your pregnancy! Good luck @vthills3260 please update this and me know how it goes!

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