Donor 16045 live births?

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I can see that donor 16045 has at least one pregnancy listed, but I haven't seen much on the bulletin boards from anyone who has had a successful pregnancy or birth. Can you let me know if he has any live births?


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    We have several PGT normal embryos and are planning to begin our first transfer shortly. My wife and I did 4 IUI with this donor that did not result in a pregnancy, but we're hopeful for the transfer! The admin said on another post that there have been fewer than 5 pregnancies but haven't gotten any updates on live births - I'd be very curious to know!

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    We are pregnant using this donor. Due in December.

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    @CaliAngel We currently have more than 5 reported pregnancies, but have not received any birth reports yet for Donor 16045. This is not unusual, as it usually takes longer for clients to report the birth of their child and some babies are expected later this year or next year.

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