End of TWW and End of the road with 13460 :( - A cautionary tale

Got a BFN this week on try #3 with the donor my wife and I used to have our daughter which she carried. There are no more vials left for him and I feel like I've failed my daughter in being able to give her a biological sibling. I really wanted to have a child with her same donor because she is just so perfect in every way! I feel so disappointed. Anyone out there on the fence about purchasing as many vials as possible - I suggest doing whatever you can to buy them up before they sell out. We watched this donor for a couple of years and there didn't seem to be any movement. My wife was a one and done (thank God!) but then when we went to start my process - the vials started moving - quickly. We snatched up 3 vials and I wish I would have taken out a credit card just to be able to snag a lot more. Just to know having a child with the same donor is no longer an option is heart breaking. If anyone has extra vials of 13460 - please reach out! Good luck to everyone else out there.

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