Donor 14465

Hello are there are recent births with donor 14465? He is my top choice and checks off everything I am looking for in a donor. I see he has reported pregnancies', however there is only one on the bulletin from 2018?


  • I know this was a couple months ago, but we had a baby with this donor in Nov of 2019

  • That’s wonderful congratulations! I did end up purchasing 4 vials with this donor and I am starting the insemination process in August! Would you mind sharing how many vials were used to conceive?

  • I know this post is old but I’m newly pregnant with donor 14465 and looking for others that have used this donor ! Please send me an email if so [email protected]

    Thanks so much

  • That’s wonderful news! Congratulations! May I ask how many vials you used within each try and method? I did one vial and did ICI and I was not successful. Trying again though!

  • I have a gorgeous amazing baby with donor 14465 also. I would love to connect to those who have used this donor! [email protected]

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