Any Possible Future Availability of Donor 14307?

Donor 14307's profile states that no more vials are expected from this donor. However, I know that California Cryobank has a vial buyback program. If a donor is out of vials and the Cryobank purchases vials back from the buyer(s), do those vials then become available to be purchased by others? If so, how can one be notified when vials are available? I am seeking vials for donor 14307. Thank you!


  • I have one I am selling back to the clinic. I have my embryos stored and no longer need the extra vial.

  • Hello Almostrachel! Congratulations! That is great news! I seen that you have 11 embryos stored - those are great numbers! I am so happy for you. Are you familiar with the buyback process at all? Once you sell it back, will I then be able to purchase the vial? When are you planning to sell back?

  • @Almostrachael I am getting familiar with the posting in the bulletin board now :smile: I assumed I should have tagged you for you to see my response. Congratulations on your embryos! 11 is such a great number. Unfortunately, I did not yield as many so I can only imagine your excitement. The retrieval resulted in one embryo which has me needing more vials from this donor. So, if you could let me know your timeline for selling back, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Sorry I never saw this reply!!
    I am selling it back but now likely doing private transfer to a family who has siblings with the same donor. But yes, if someone sells it back to CCB, the first people on the wait list get a notification and chance to purchase.
    I recommend getting on the wait list if you aren't already and asking ccb how far down the line you are!

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    @GenBean21 Donor 14307 completed our donor program. We can't really predict if or when vials may be sold back to us and in some cases buyback vials may be restricted for sibling use. You can call Client Services at 866-927-9622 to get on the notification list for Donor 14307. If you have an upcoming insemination, our Client Services team can also help you find a similar donor.


    California Cryobank

  • @GenBean21 are you still in need of a viral

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