Had anyone used Donor 14122

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Interested in this donor would like to see if anyone has had any success using this donor? How many births? Genders?


  • I tried to use this donor but he had reached the family limit in my country. I dont have genders but I know there are at least 2 children in my state and that a couple bought him in Sydney at the end of October. I believe my clinic also said he'd been used in Tasmania I was absolutely guttered not to use him. We have had trouble getting vials for or 2nd choice too. Have now been waiting since July last year to gain a donor and have now said if we get to the 1 year mark we will change banks.

  • Each state has a 'family limit" which is actually just set by the fertility company. My state is five so it must mean he has 5 people have purchased him. I found it also interesting that he has been donating for about 6 years.

  • Oh wow thats interesting.Thank you i didn't know any of that. I wish you the best of luck in finding a donor.

  • Thanks we have found another donor took almost a year, but decided to get a new to catalogue donor to save that problem again. Have you started with 14122? At least you know he has many live births! So should be a good candidate and has plenty of vials too.

  • Does anybody know of a FB group or similar for 14122 families?

  • Hi @mamaKID, he doesn't have one and I've not seen anyone post about his number on the two fb sibling groups yet. Maybe you could start one. The sibling register is also still down sadly.

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